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Tuliip Yarns and Fabrics introduces itself as Indenting / Commission Agents and exporters of 100% Cotton & Blended yarns & Fabrics to various Suppliers and Customers Worldwide from 1994.

Our Principal's are the largest Government of India Recognised Trading Co., for Exports of Cotton Yarns with an annual turnover of U.S.Dollars 100 Million. They are an ISO 9001 : 2000 COMPANY. They are co-operating with almost all leading spinning mills in India situated in various yarn procuring centres across India viz., Kolhapur / Ichalkaranji in Western India, Indore in Central India, Chandigarh in Northern India and Coimbatore / Madurai in Southern India. Frankly it's difficult to put the number of mills on our list for procurement as they are too many and increasing every day. Quantity will not be a constraint at all we can supply as much as you want. Our Co., has the special distinction of having its own team of qualified and experienced technicians located at various yarn procuring centres listed above this team interacts closely with spinning mills to understand the Buyer's specific requirements and to ensure true customization of the shipments. Moreover, they frequently meet-up with suppliers and ensure systematic quality checks to supply consistent uniform quality supplies with minimum lot to lot variations.

In addition to above we have an Overseas Business Office in Hong Kong to manage Cotton Yarn Sales to China Market and also handle procurement of different Origin Yarns from China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam etc.

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